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Social Distancing Guidelines

September 29, 2021: The rate of reported daily new cases in our area is at an all-time high, and our schools and our health centers are continuing to strain under the weight of these cases.  While the unvaccinated are disproportionately reflected in the numbers of cases in the local hospitals, vaccinated individuals also account for about 20% of those that are seriously ill due to this new variant.  We do not take this situation lightly, nor do we dismiss it. We are deeply sorrowful for all who are ill and suffering, and we weep with those who weep for loved ones lost.

So why are we reopening once a month (1st Sundays Only)? We have considered the options available to us and concluded that with the added precautions of:

  1. wearing masks,

  2. temperature checks at the front door, and

  3. having our attenders who believe they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are exhibiting even minor symptoms to show respect for others and join our service via our live stream broadcasts, we can help minimize the risk of COVID transmission and keep our congregation reasonably safe. 

If you are unwilling or unable to participate in the service under those conditions, we ask that you enjoy the service online from home using Facebook Live or YouTube. We believe this is an acceptable path forward to address the competing values of connection/community as a body that we all need, while also being mindful of the importance of protecting the health of our congregation during this surging pandemic.    

We believe the people of The Worship Center STL will be focused on others before themselves and will respond to the opportunity to come together again in worship with gratitude and grace. Let us keep our community in prayer, conduct ourselves responsibly and respectfully, and show the utmost compassion and care for those suffering during this unprecedented outbreak. 

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